From Naomi to Mara: A Perspective on Bitterness

Ruth - The Gleaners Jean Francois Millet
“The Gleaners,” by french artist Jean Francois Millet, 1857

I got a marvelous comment on my first reading of Ruth Chapter 1 that made me see a lot that I missed. I found this post in a Google search to look at the things my commenter brought up. It is a marvelous writeup and explanation of a key lesson in Ruth that just flew right by me as I read it for the first time.

This perspective is marvelous, and I appreciate it very much.

If you have the time, check out this fantastic blog article on Naomi’s choice of bitterness in contrast to Ruth’s choice to have faith.

Now that it’s been shown to me, it is so blatant and so obvious.  Won’t you read this article from Think Biblically! It’s a wonderful perspective to add in Ruth’s opening chapter, and this is the kind of sharing I’m after.  We should all want information and correction and ideas from other believers.  That is the whole point and sole object of my First Reading series.  I’ll be going through the book of Ruth with you all week, and so I hope that you will get as excited about the learning as I am.

See you in Chapter 2.



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