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Heiser - Refuse
I heard Michael Heiser say this in an interview once, and I was just in love with his ministry/teaching/whatever it is he does after that.  I don’t need to be protected from my Bible, and it doesn’t need to be protected from me.  Nothing I ask it will harm it.  No, I need my Bible open to me, unfiltered by the traditions and doctrines of man.  Just the Bible.  That’s it.


Bible study is work
Preach, Dr. Mike.  Preach.


Let God Do Most of the talking
Yes, that is rather the challenge, is it not?


long range bible study
This was frustrating to me, and accepting it was a process.  There is no rushing it, and it will never be finished.  There will always be more to learn, and it will be years before a new student of the Bible can feel confident about having a decent grip on the thing.  You will never master the Bible, and the study will never end, but if you put in the time, it will make everything better.


Jesus never asked


Bible study effort



a bible that is falling apart
I think this is everyone’s favorite bible study quote.  🙂 . It’s certainly mine.  I know that tablets are taking over, but nothing will ever replace a solid book with real pages, a jumble of ribbon markers, margins to write in, and two covers holding it all together.  Our electronic devices can’t replicate it.  They try, but they just can’t.
What I Cannot See Job
See also: Luke 24:45

Study to show yourself


useful christian


It is tempting to get lost


bible study peanuts
It’s true.


bible study important or excuse
This one is also true.


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  1. Enjoyable reading! I laugh over my Bible. Many years ago, I selected a comparative Bible which has 4 versions. So, it’s bulky & heavy. No blank space on many pages, but irreplaceable!

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