Logos Bible Software – You Do Know You Can Use it for Free, Right?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this might be the shortest post I ever make on this blog, so break out something bubbly and celebrate.

I’m still feeling very ill, but my doctor discovered it’s because I was prescribed what is essentially an overdose of my super-strong antibiotic, and we’ve corrected that.  I am finally on the mend.  It’s been a struggle over the last two weeks, let me tell you.  I’ll get back into the Issues in Genesis series next week, but for now, I want to share with you an essential study tool that I cannot BELIEVE I’ve never mentioned to you before.

Logos Bible Software is a very expensive tool designed for churches, seminary students, and scholars to use in all kinds of ways.  It carries a price point beyond my reach, but there is a basic free download, and what you get with that free package will blow your mind.  It really is free.  It doesn’t come with strings attached, and it isn’t going to blow up your devices with notifications to buy things.  It just…aids in study.

With the free package, you can look at the Greek or Hebrew under the text, and you get a lot of very basic study helps for free.  You can do incredibly precise searches, and you will find all kinds of media resources to help you in any given passage, book, or word study. The free package is amazeballs.

Once you’ve gotten the software downloaded and your account set up, you can get the app on your devices and use it from anywhere.  You can add individual resources (such as different Bible translations you like) for very reasonable prices, and there are FREE resources–again, no-strings attached–each month for download.

Get it.  That is all.

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