My Tuesday Ladies Study for Winter 2020


We’re at the end of the Christmas season, and everyone in our family is returning to a normal schedule on Monday.  We’ve had no schedules to keep, no appointments to remember, and no alarms to wake us up in the morning.  It has been a luxurious pace of life, but all vacations come to an end.  Tomorrow, we enter a new season of work and study.  I’m actually pretty excited for it, and excitement is a wonderful feeling.

My Tuesday Ladies will be resuming our weekly meetings on the 14th of January, and I’m ordering workbooks and scheduling the space to get prepared.  I’ve worked a week ahead in our study and prepared some extra mini-lessons and stories for different places in Genesis 12-50.  As I was looking at the calendar and working up an outline for the next three months,  it occurred to me that I should invite people who read this blog to join with us in our winter study.

We’ll be using the God of Covenant study by Jen Wilkin as our teacher-led guide.  If you want to do the study with us, you can buy the study guide and rent (or purchase) each week’s teaching video.  I can post my questions and thoughts each Tuesday, and you can put any questions or thoughts about the study in the comment section.  I think it’s a completely brilliant plan.  No obligations.  No accounts to set up.  Just…do the study along with me and my Tuesday Ladies.

I have every expectation that it will be a really good one.


If you’d like to do this study with me from your home, just do the following:

1.) Get a copy of the study guide.  You can get the study guide from Amazon or from Lifeway.

2.) Rent the teaching videos from Lifeway.  You can rent the videos here. I highly recommend the video rental from Lifeway for solo study.  You will have 6 months to view the videos with a rental, which means that you will have access to each video over the entire course of the study, and you can watch them over as many times as you like.

If you’d prefer to buy videos, you can purchase digital downloads here.  If you buy the videos instead of renting them, it is cheaper to buy them all in a bundle instead of purchasing them one at a time.


3.) If you’d rather have the study in DVD format, you can purchase the Leader Kit (available both at Amazon and at Lifeway).  This will give you one study guide book as well as the DVD hardcopies, all in one package.  This is more expensive than renting or purchasing digitally, but it allows you to use the study in a group setting (or just to have the hardcopy DVD discs for your home library if that’s what you prefer).

Remember my suggestion to have your study guide spiral-bound.  It makes things much easier for me.

We will begin our study of Genesis 12-50 on Tuesday, January 14th with the first session of God of Covenant.  I hope some of you feel up to trying it with us.

Tell me what you’re studying between now and Lent.  I’d love to hear what other people are doing in bible study at the start of this new year.


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