Leviticus Between Chapters: 7 Bible Project Videos

Bible Project Holiness
This is a screen grab from the “Holiness” video by The Bible Project.  The video is embedded below, and I highly recommend watching it during your study of Leviticus.


My Eyes Hurt, So We’re Taking a Little Bible Project Break
For real, I’ve spent so much time in front of my screen in the last two weeks (more than 10 hours per day, on average)…just sitting and typing.  My vision has gotten blurry around the edges; my eyes are sore; and it hurts to look at my monitor, even when I turn down the brightness and filter out the blue.  These are all classic screen fatigue symptoms with me, so I’ll be on zero computer time for a couple of days, and that should fix the problem.  Before I go, I want to leave you with something to supplement what we’ve already studied.

We’ve covered a lot in the last 12 days.  We’ve read through the entire catalogue of major offerings in the Tabernacle system, and that is a whole lot of information to digest all at once.  I have tried to find the right pictures and words to illustrate what these offerings meant to the people of Ancient Israel.  I hope that I’ve been helpful in that regard, but everyone learns differently, and my voice isn’t the only one speaking about the images and meaning in Leviticus.

Today’s post, since I can’t spend 8 hours typing in front of the screen right now, is for introducing you to one of those other voices.  You know…just in case a different approach, a different voice, or a different medium will get you to that “a-ha” place of discovery in Leviticus.

The Bible Project
The Bible Project is an amazing free resource (and if you come to love them like I do, you can donate in any amount you feel moved to give).  Everything they make is available to the public and totally free of charge.  Their work tends to be incredibly good at breaking down difficult or foreign concepts from the Bible and turning them into lessons that really land.

The following are links to various Bible Project videos that directly apply to the lessons we’re learning in Leviticus.  I encourage you to watch them all (though not necessarily all at once).  The videos are short and clear, and they’re just so very good.

I’ll be back this weekend to complete chapters 6 & 7, which will finish out the “Blood and Guts” section of Leviticus.  See you next time.

The Temple


How to Read the Bible:  The Law


The Law








Leviticus Within the Torah







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